After almost 5 years we have embarked on our most ambitious re-work of the server as we come up to our 5 year anniversary on June 10th 2021. 

 We have started from the ground up with a new Weight System. Incorporating next generation mechanics to give users more options in game play, no more will you stand in a circle to collect or process an item.

We have completely Re-Tuned our Vehicle Handling on every vehicle to give both Cops and Crims a more balanced and enjoyable police chase, now more than ever will driver skill play a big factor in escaping or going to jail. Vanilla Cars handle as well as their real world counterpart, you will no longer have to suffer because you choose to stick with the stock GTA vehicles. Want to sell a vehicle you no longer need, you can sell it back to the dealership or find a buyer yourself and arrange a private sale, just take payment, transfer the registration papers and your done.

We understand Gangs and Groups are a big part of any roleplay server. This is why we have rebuild our criminal mechanics to offer a more balance group role the whole server can enjoy. New people will no longer feel they are left out because they aren't with a major gang. Everyone will have the same opportunities as the next person, you define you characters growth and progression. Look out for new ways to earn as we have redefined the Criminal Money making avenues. Claim your crown as you fight for your way to the top of the mean streets.

We can changed the way our businesses operate. With over 70 ownable business we are giving owners more freedom in what they want to sell, as well as being able to hire and fire employees directly from their office in game. We have a firm cap set on how many businesses one group can own to make sure roleplay is balanced and rewarding for everyone.

City workers will be more important now than ever before. 

DoJ will be there for legal advice, court cases and license applications such as Fishing, Hunting and Security.
EMS has finally got a complete Med-Kit to treat every different situation they may face.
SASP now has what they need to bring more in-depth and immersive roleplay.

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